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Brown/RISD Game Developers(BRGD) is a game development club run by students at Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design. It is the main resource and community for game development at both schools.


The main function of BRGD is to teach game development skills and make games. Every semester, the club divides its membership into 4 to 6 teams to each develop a small game. BRGD leaders also provide lectures and workshops to introduce core skills and software to new developers. At the end of every semester, the club hosts a public playtest event where all are invited to visit and play the games that were made. 

The club's second goal is to connect students with local industry members. BRGD organizes regular speaker and panel events with a wide range of local game developers. 

My Role

​My responsibilities for BRGD involved reviewing and revising our production schedule; teaching fundamental game development skills; and working as a producer, artist, designer, and/or programmer on our projects. 

My main goal at BRGD was to expand its community outreach and connect students with industry developers. We hosted our first speaker panel during my first semester as a BRGD Lead. From then on we organized 3-5 events and 1 end-of-year panel per semester. I also pushed us to expand our visibility on campus by organizing gallery shows and designing posters for our events. BRGD attendance increased from 50 students to 70 students in my second year. 


Notable Projects

Granny and Squirtsworth

Granny and Squirtsworth is a skill and timing based platformer developed by BRGD in Spring 2018. The player takes control of Granny, who is shopping for fish in a market of floating fish overflowing with slippery waterfalls. She always has her trusty companion Squirtsworth help her old bones navigate through the hazardous market!

For this project, I contributed as a producer, game designer, and programmer. I managed a team of 14 students for this project. 


Grace Bright

Isaiah Gernhardt

Amy Jeong

Odino Tso


Sungha Hong

Gregory Osborne


Wenley Shen​

Rylee Shumway
Dayton Wilson

Heidi Erwin

Ashley Kim

Leon Lei

Fawn Tong

Sir, I am Looking for this Book

Sir, I am Looking for this Book was the first project I developed with BRGD and the first video game I had ever worked on. Players take control of a traveler seeking forbidden knowledge in a metroid-inspired platformer. 


James Hwang

Wenley Shen

Luke Priebe


Hector Morales

Brendan Walsh


Daphne Do

Liz Lanahan

Jenny Sun

Rebecca Turbee

Christina Qi

Wenley Shen

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