Hot Pot

Student Project | RISD

Unity | PC | 2018


Inspired by Overcooked, players are tasked with cooking raw ingredients in a large hot pot and delivering them in a timely fashion to impatient customers.

The intent of this project was to develop a simple, small-scope game that was achievable within a 12-week timeline laden with additional responsibilities. 

Our artists were relatively new to 3D art, so this was also an opportunity to learn new skills and gain experience in that field. 

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My Role

I was the sole programmer and designer for this project. My main focus was furthering my understanding of Unity 3D and expanding my programming experience. 

Additionally, I worked in a pseudo-producer role: assigning tasks, setting deadlines, managing meetings, communicating between roles and remote team members. 


Developed by a team of 6 students consisting of 1 programmer/designer, 3 artists, 1 composer, and 1 sound designer. The team included students from RISD, Brown University, and Berklee College of Music.


I think we are pretty happy with the end product. It achieved our major goals of a functional and presentable game. Of all the games I developed in such short development cycles, I think this one is the most complete.

There are, of course, many features I wished we could add, both in terms of art and mechanics, but those were far out of scope for us. ​

What I'd Improve

I believe we could have improved our pipeline if I had taught some of the artists how to implement assets in Unity. Artists would have had more control of the appearance and layout of the scene and I would have had more time to focus on bug fixing and game feel. Although we talked about teaching Unity to artists during development, we ultimately didn't execute to avoid the cost in time. 

Additionally, if we had implemented multiplayer mechanics we could have created an experience that more reflected the actual experience of Hot Pot: familial and, at times, combative. 



Wenley Shen

Modeling, Animation, Texturing

Amy Jeong

Katherine Wang

Yejin Han


David Hong

Sound Design

Gregory Osborne

hot pot concept art.png
hot pot character concept art.jpg