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Production • Game Design • Programming


I developed Hot Pot in my senior year at RISD with a 6 person team. I managed the project, designed the mechanics, and implemented the game in Unity. This was my first 3D game and, I'm quite happy with the quality of the final product. 

Project Details

In Hot Pot, you play as a miniature emperor cooking and serving hot pot for normal-sized people. The mechanics were heavily inspired by Overcooked. The game was finished and published on later in 2018. 

My Role

My main responsibility was designing the mechanics of the game and programming them in Unity. I also scoped project development, assigned tasks, led meetings, and coordinated work with remote team members. Finally, I also defined art asset goals, created an art production pipeline and integrated assets into the game. 


Yejin Han

Amy Jeong

Katherine Wang


David Hong

Gregory Osborne

Design & Engineering

Wenley Shen

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