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Art • Game Design


At MassDiGI's 2017 Summer Innovation Program, I worked as Lead Artist on an independent mobile game titled Raise the Bass. Raise the Bass released on iOS and Android in 2019. 

Project Details

Raise the Bass is a twitch-skill mobile game with an EDM and sci-fi theme. I worked on the game throughout the majority of its development in Summer of 2017. It was finished and released in 2019. 

My Role

As Lead Artist, I worked closely with our animator to develop a consistent visual style, an efficient asset pipeline, and high quality vector assets. We explored a wide range of themes before settling on our final direction based on our mechanics and player feedback. After settling on our theme, we continued iterating to maintain a striking visual style which both engaged and informed the player. 


Ty Enos

Wenley Shen


Lisa Jeong


Emily Ryan


Veneta Cholokova

Paul DeSimone

Amber Skarjune

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