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Production • Game Design • Art


So Good Games is a team of 5 developers working on small games. Our team is spread across multiple time zones and most members work full-time jobs in addition to So Good Games. We generally make games during game jams and have our first long-term project in the works. 

As the producer my role involves scoping project development, planning sprints, running meetings, and managing tasks. I also contribute as a game designer, artist, and programmer based on our needs. 

The Team


Kytana Le

Christina Qi


Lucien Ye


Wenley Shen


Linden Reid

Notable Projects

Peach Vodka

Peach Vodka was the first game I created with So Good Games. It is a short-and-sweet dating sim that takes place within a phone's UI. I worked as a producer, illustrator, and UI designer. The project was originally made for Weekly Game Jam 91. We extended development past the original deadline for bug fixes and polish. 

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