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Production • Art • Game Design


High 5 Games is a game development company creating slot games for mobile, web, and land-based platforms. 

At High 5 Games, I was the main organizer for the internship program of Summer 2018. I created two cross-functional teams based on each intern's interests, skills, and commitments to other High 5 projects. I scoped project development, applied scum principles to drive productivity and iteration, ran meetings, and contributed as an illustrator, designer, and programmer. Each team developed an independent slot game which received high accolades from our directors and co-workers for quality and innovation.

My day-to-day involved:

  • Planning sprints and running retrospectives. 

  • Assigning and tracking tasks in JIRA based on each team member's bandwidth. 

  • Conducting meetings with directors to provide progress updates and receive feedback. 

  • Creating an art production pipeline and implementing assets in Unity. 

  • Concepting themes and mechanics for the intern project. 

  • Illustrating characters and backgrounds for the intern project and existing High 5 IP. 

  • Teaching programmers how to develop games in Unity. 

  • Tuning the math model of our game to prioritize player engagement and flow. 

  • Designing assets for a minigame on High 5's mobile app. 

The projects themselves are unreleased and under NDA, so I can't provide any concrete information about either. However, I am incredibly proud of the work we achieved. Most of our team had little experience in game development, especially in Unity. I applied my experience developing in Unity and leading student teams at Brown/RISD Game Developers to overcome these challenges. I am especially proud of the creative risks we took with the project, introducing new approaches to mechanics and visualization within the frame of the slot game genre.

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